Monday, June 4, 2012

Dental Care on Pitcairn Island

Dental Care on Pitcairn

The Medical Centre on the island has a room set aside for dental purposes and it is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment. Every two years the Pitcairn Island Government employs the services of a dentist to visit the island and check the teeth of the residents. Pitcairn Island residents were fortunate to have visiting dentist David Templeton arrive on the Claymore supply ship on 31st May for a ten day working trip. David is from Virginia, USA. He previously came to Pitcairn Island for a similar trip two years ago. After checking the teeth he scheduled follow up appointments for those that needed them. We are all grateful that we are able to receive this treatment in such an isolated place.
Paul has a filling that broke away a month ago so he is very happy to be able to get this repaired. In the photo you can see Paul in the dental chair and in one photo you can see Daralyn in the background. Daralyn lives here on the island and is employed at the medical centre.


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